ECS Conference Workshops 2017

Workshops will be organized on April 29th (Saturday) and 30th (Sunday). For some workshops the number of participants is limited and some workshops may be restricted to invited participants.  Those with adequate sponsorship can be free of charge, whilst for most there are registrations fees (please contact the organizer for details). For any question concerning the workshops please contact the organizers of each workshop and not the conference committee.

The themes/titles of the proposed workshops for the Conference are presented below as well as contacts of the organizers and abstracts.



Saturday 29 April 2017

  • The ECS Student Workshop: Passive acoustic monitoring and introduction to PAMGuard (9.30-17.30)
  • How to achieve a European Joint Cetacean Protocol? (10.00-16.00)
  • Best practice workshop: Noise monitoring and assessment in countries bordering the seas around Europe - Fostering cooperation between regional instruments (9.00-17.00)
  • Citizen science as a basis for management decisions and nature conservation (9.00-17.00)
  • The Marine Mammal Nexus – How can we as marine mammal scientists can make a better contribution towards addressing global environmental problems (9.00-17.00)


Sunday 30 April 2017

  • Marine mammal bycatch: opening the black box of science-policy interface - CANCELLED
  • Static Acoustic Monitoring (SAM) of toothed whales using echolocation clicks: Loggers, Experience, Advances and Challenges (8.20-17.20)
  • Approaches to assessing impacts from marine industry on harbour porpoise Special Areas of Conservation (9.30-17.00)
  • Predator-prey interactions between grey seals and other marine mammals (9.00-17.30)
  • 5th workshop on "Communicating marine mammal science to the general public" (9.00-17.00)
  • Marine litter: a cause of concern for marine mammals? (½ day, 9.00-14.00)
  • Inputs to the ACCOBAMS ongoing effort to map human threats on cetaceans in the Mediterranean and Black Seas (9.00-17.30)
  • Effects of PCB exposure in killer whales and other threatened toothed whale species of the North Atlantic (9.00-17.00)
  • Customer meeting, Wildlife computers Cetacean Tag Workshop (½ day, 13.00-16.00)



Detailed information of workshops


The ECS Student Workshop: Passive acoustic monitoring and introduction to PAMGuard

Saturday 29 April 2017. Contact Christian Riisager-Pedersen ( for signing up.