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Welcome to the European Cetacean Society!

The European Cetacean Society (ECS) was established in January 1987 and aims to promote and advance the scientific studies and conservation efforts of marine mammals and to gather and disseminate information about them to members of the Society and the public at large. The ECS is coordinated by a Council of 11 members and each year organizes an Annual Conference in a European country.

In most countries in Europe the ECS is represented by a National Contact Person. ECS membership fluctuates between 350-550 persons from more than 25 European countries and several countries outside Europe (total 25 -42 countries). Students make up between 35 - 50% of the membership. The Society is financed through the annual membership subscription.

ECS Webinar 2021

Under the present circumstances we are forced to post-pone the ECS Conference in Israel until Spring 2022. The current pandemic scenario opens too many question marks to organize an ECS Conference in 2021 with enough guarantees.

Nevertheless, at the ECS we believe it is important for the marine mammal scientific community, not only in Europe but worldwide, to stay in touch. The ECS WEBINAR took place between 15th to 19th March 2021, and invited experts shared their knowledge and experiences with the wider community on a range of topics covered traditionally at the ECS conferences. Most presentations were recorded and can be assessed for free on our you tube channel!