Video abstract

  • Video abstract ECS 2017, Denmark

Video proposal submission guidelines

Video submission deadline is 1 March 2017


Video submission is open for video-night at the 2017 ECS Annual Conference in Denmark. Submitted videos will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.


Submitted videos should comply with the following criteria:

  • Have a relevant subject with appeal to society members (scientific or conservation-related);
  • All material, filming and research shown should comply with ECS ethical standards and legislation in the country of origin regarding research and display of research;
  • Video length is not to exceed 20 minutes;
  • Videos should be of sufficient quality for the subject matter to be seen easily; 
  • Any narration should be in English; or sub-titled in English;
  • Each video should contain a title slide with attributes stating; name of institute/person submitting, subject, video length, year taken, country of origin, any acknowledgements;
  • Each video must use a video format that is easy to view.  The following formats are preferred:  MPEG4, MOV and AVI.


The proposal is to be submitted by not later than 1 March 2017 by sending it through email to:


Conference video night on (date will soon be announced)