28th Annual Conference

Marine mammals as sentinels of a changing environment

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The University of Liege hosted the 28th annual conference of the ECS April 5th to April 9th, 2014.

The University of Antwerp (UA), the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), the University of Ghent (UG), and the Royal Institute for the Natural Sciences of Belgium were also associated to this event.

The theme for 2014 was:

"Marine mammals as sentinels of a changing environment"

in order to present the consequences of Global Change on these species as well as the principal dangers that threaten their future.

Scientific committee: 

Andre Michel, Blust Ronny, Brito Cristina, Caurant Florence, Cornillie Pieter, Covaci Adrian, Das Krishna (chair), Debier Cathy, Degraer Steven, Godfroid Jacques, Hall Ailsa, Lambert Olivier, Pierce Graham, Haelters Jan, Jauniaux Thierry (chair), Pomeroy Paddy, Genov Tilen, Ross Peter, Schnitzler Joseph, Siebert Ursula, Weijs Liesbeth, Wright Andrew.

Organization committee: 

Blust Ronny, Bouquegneau Jean-Marie, Coignoul Freddy, Covaci Adrian, Das Krishna (chair), Debier Cathy, Doom Marjan, Gobert Sylvie, Haelters Jan, Nuuttila Hanna, Holsbeeck Ludo, Jauniaux Thierry (chair), Lick Roland, Maebe Sigrid, O'Brien Joanne, Oliver Toby, Ozturk Ayaka, Schnitzler Joseph, Weijs Liesbeth.

Programme included 2 days of workshops and 3 days of plenary sessions

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