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My name is Yaly Mevorach and I am a PhD student from Israel.

I did my bachelor degree in marine biology in Ben Gurion University, Israel (2015 - 2018) and My Masters in the University of Haifa, Israel (2019-2021), during which I worked on abundance estimates and social structure of dolphin species inhabits the Israeli coastline. 
Now I am a PhD student in the University of Haifa as part of project CETI, studying communication systems of sperm whales. 

As a student for the last 7 years, I am very occupied with the student life, its advantages and disadvantages and how can be improve and grow as marine mammologists. 
I believe there is a great strength in collaborating with other students and learning from each other's experience and would like to create an environment for us to do so. 
Therefore, as a student representative, I want to the develop an active student community which spreads all over the Mediterranean sea and its surroundings. 

Are you interested in joining us? 

If you are a student who share our love to marine mammals and our passion to grow as students, researchers, conservationist or activists, this is the place to be!
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