Student Membership

Student Representative

More than 50% of the ECS-membership consists of students. Therefore, since 1996, a new member was elected into the ECS-council, the Student Representative, who represents the students of the Society. The student member on the Council has the status of a full member, not confined to commenting on student issues. Every other year a new Student Representative can be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the ECS conferences, by the students attending the conference.

Student Membership

Students can avail of reduced rates for both membership and conference registration fees. The ECS defines a student as "any person who has been enrolled as a student in a third level institution within 12 months of the forthcoming annual conference". A copy of a valid student ID, a letter of confirmation from a supervisor or university office are necessary proof of student status.

Message from the current Student Representative

Dear Students of ECS,

My name is Rebecca Boys. I am from the UK and have recently finished my degree in Applied Marine Biology at Bangor University. My thesis, in collaboration with the SeaWatch Foundation, looked at the reasons for the fatal interactions between bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises around the Welsh coast. I am currently working under Dr Monica Silva at the Institute of Marine Research, University of the Azores, where my project is entitled 'Using mark-recapture techniques to estimate the population parameters of sperm whales in the Azores'.

I am extremely pleased to have been elected as the student representative in Madeira 2016. My main role is to repressent the stidents at large on the ECS council. Therefore, if you have any worries or issues please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have any feedback or ideas for ECS and the student workshop, please get in touch! If I can be of any help in regards to volunteering, internships and job opportunities then please ask and I will do my best to help!

There is an email list called which students can subscribe to and be updated with available opportunities but also to post questions.

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