Former Council Members

The ECS wishes to express gratitude towards former members of the Council. This list has started in 2018 and will be updated to reflect all former council members in the future. At the moment we apologize for it being still incomplete.

Roland Lick (1995-2014)


Marije Siemensma (2006-2010)

National Contact Person Coordinator

Sami Hassani (2006-2010)

Member of Council

Simone Panigada (2007-2011)


Cecile Vincent (2007-2011)

Conference Advisor

Graham Pierce (2008-2011)


Meike Scheidat (2008-2012)

Membership Secretary

Mario Acquarone (2008-2012)


Simon Berrow (2008-2012)

Member of Council

Polona Kotnjek (2008-2010)

Student representative

Conor Ryan (2014-2018)

Web Editor & Membership Secretary (2014-2018)

Mark Simmonds (2014-2018)

Editor, National Contact Person Coordinator and Mandy McMath Award Coordinator

Mark Simmonds still serves the ECS as the Mandy-McMath Award Coordinator

Rebecca Boys (2016-2018)

Student Representative

Furthermore Peter G H Evans, Jan Willem Brokema and Ursula Verfuß served the Society on a long-term basis.