33rd Annual Conference, Ashdod, Israel

Marine mammal research and conservation efforts -
Are we on the right path?

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33rd Conference of the European Cetacean Society


We are pleased to announce that the 33rd annual European Cetacean Society conference will be the first fully virtual conference of the society.
The theme of this year's conference is:


Marine mammal research and conservation effort - 

Are we on the right path?


The development of marine mammal research goes a long way back, but... are we headed in the right direction? Have we succeeded in our efforts to protect endangered species, biodiversity, and marine mammal habitats while maintaining the ethical treatment of animals? 

In the upcoming ECS conference, we propose to challenge the conventional approach to marine mammal science and raise critical questions on the past, present, and future to ensure that the shared goal - marine mammal conservation - is, indeed, being aptly pursued. 


For any questions, you are welcome to contact the organizing committee  - conference2022@europeancetaceansociety.eu