Video Night

Video Night ECS 2023

ECS O Grove 2023 Video Night: Wednesday April 19th 2023, O Grove Auditorium, 20:00

We welcome submissions of any videos related to the field of marine mammal science. While videos that contain scientific material or have a conservation focus are preferred, we also welcome submissions of videos that show regular marine mammal fieldwork. The video night is a highlight during each conference and showcases a range of video types, from highly entertaining film material and research work to clips that raise public awareness on pressing matters in conservation.

All submitted videos will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.

Submission Guidelines

All videos must:

  • Be relevant to the society and conference scope (scientific or related to conservation)
  • Comply with ECS ethical standards as well as ethical standards and research legislation of the country of origin
  • Not exceed the duration of 10 minutes. Videos should be between 5 and 10 minutes. Longer videos will be allowed if they are of superb quality, novelty or high information content.
  • Be of sufficiently high quality for the subject matter to be clearly seen
  • Be narrated in English and have English sub-titles
  • Contain a title slide including: the name of institute/person submitting the material, video title, video length, year when the video was taken, country of origin, acknowledgments (if applicable)
  • Be in one of the following formats: MPEG4, MOV or AVI
  • Be submitted by email to: