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As we‘re preparing a PowerPoint presentation in which we would like to integrate your poster we‘ll kindly ask you to send us your poster as jpg-file. 

Please try to send us the jpg in 1000 by 1500 pixel with a file-size not larger than 1mb.

In order to keep the deadline please ensure to send us the file until 27th March to

Printing posters in La Spezia

If you need to print your posters in La Spezia, please contact Elena from PSE as soon as possible and send her your poster not later than by Wednesday 4 April 2018.  

Friday and Saturday between 10 and 13 o'clock you can pick up your poster 85x120 cm in Via Colombo 98/100 close to the conference venue.  

The email is and her phone number is +3901871952881


Acoustic & Noise
Anatomy & Physiology
Behaviour & Ecology
Bycatch & Standings
Citizen Science
Density & Abundance
Evolution & Development
Habitat & Distribution
Health & Medicine
Management & Conservation
New Techniques