Want to host a workshop?

Submission deadline: 20.12.21

Workshops will be organized on April 3th (Sunday) and 4th (Monday). There will be half day workshops as well as full day workshops on both days. 

It will be the responsibility of the workshop organizer to set appropriate fees, collect these and pass them over to the Conference organizer, and provide receipts to attendees, and assemble a list of attendees. Fees should cover the costs of hiring the venue and any facilities required, and if provided, all refreshments. The workshop organizer can look for sponsors to cover these costs. He/she is also encouraged to solicit contributions that can then form workshop proceedings as a special ECS newsletter issue, in conjunction with the ECS editor.

For some workshops the number of participants is limited and some workshops may be limited to invited participants.  Those with adequate sponsorship can be free of charge, whilst for most there are registrations fees (please contact the organizer for details).

Prices (only rooms, not including coffee):

Room Type Length Price
Standard room - 30 - 40 people Half day (4 hours) 112 euros
Standard room - 30 - 40 people Full day (8 hours) 223 euros
Auditorium - 120 people Half day (4 hours) 250 euros
Auditorium - 120 people Full day (8 hours) 500 euros


For any question concerning workshops please contact the scientific committee via email -

For submitting a workshop please fill in the application form -