ECS Webinar 2021

At the ECS we believe it is important for the marine mammal scientific community, not only in Europe but worldwide, to stay in touch during the corona pandemic. Our first ever ECS webinar was a great success!

ECS WEBINAR 15-19 March 2021

Monday, 15 March

Welcome presentation to the webinar, by Dr. Joan Gonzalvo, Chair of the European Cetacean Society


Are all marine mammals affected by climate change?, by Camille Albouy –IFREMER, Unité Ecologie et Modèles pour l'Halieutique, EMH

Cetaceans as oceanic engineers, by Dr. Heidi Pearson – Department of Natural Sciences, University of Alaska Southeast

446 people attended

Tuesday, 16 March

Impacts of disturbances on marine populations – the importance of animal movements and energetics, by Dr. Jacob Nabe-Nielsen –  Department of Bioscience, Section for Marine Mammal Research, Aarhus University


Porpoise conservation from science to regulation – basic principles illustrated by German wind farm developments, by Dr. Michael Dähne – German Oceanographic Museum


Studying the environment and ecology of the deep diving elephant seals: 20 years of sensors development, by Dr. Christophe Guinet - Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé