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We look forward to seeing all of you in Catania, enjoy together the beauty of the Sicilian coastline, and share a lot of marine mammal research and conservation information!

Catania is a metropolitan and ancient port city on the east coast of Sicily, Southern Italy. It counts 1 million inhabitants of which over 300 thousand in the center. Its position in the center of the Mediterranean gives it unique characteristics both from an environmental and cultural point of view.

Catania is a very popular tourist destination for its naturalistic, architectural, and cultural heritage, starting with the Etna (the highest active volcano in Europe!), to the baroque of the city, to the traditional historical shipyard, all of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Steeped in ancient lore and mythology, Catania boasts a heritage that spans millennia. From its origins as a Greek colony to its subsequent Roman, Byzantine, and Arab influences, the city's diverse past is evident in its architecture, cuisine, and traditions. It has weathered multiple earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which make it today a testament to resilience and beauty. It is also about 40 km from Taormina, the pearl of the Ionian Sea.

The city is home to Sicily's most ancient university, founded in 1434. Catania has been the birthplace of many famous artists and writers, such as one of the most celebrated opera composers of the 19th century, Vincenzo Bellini. 

Vibrant markets, where the aromas of fresh citrus fruits and savory street food mingle with the sounds of lively bargaining await you. As you explore it, you will find a city that beautifully blends the ancient and the modern. 


Art and Culture

Beyond its historical allure, Catania offers a gateway to Sicily's breathtaking natural beauty. Journey to the slopes of Mount Etna, the volcano also known as “Mungibeddu”, where adventurous souls can hike through lunar landscapes and witness fiery eruptions against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Numerous and heterogeneous places of naturalistic interest can be discovered in Catania, such as the Parco dell’Etna, the Oasi del Simeto Nature Reserve, the Isole Ciclopi Marine Protected Area, the underground Amenano river, and over 50 km of coastline that characterize the Gulf it overlooks. Its waters host rich marine wildlife and offer opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and unforgettable seaside experiences.

Cetaceans are present year round in the Gulf of Catania where the most frequent species are the striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, sperm whale, and fin whale, followed by other occasional species of marine mammals.


Catania welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to uncover the treasures that lie within its ancient streets and sun-kissed shores!





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