2nd Annual Conference, Troia, Portugal


Troia, Portugal, 5-7 February, 1988

The 2nd Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society took place in Troia and was hosted by Manuel dos Santos.
The theme of the conference was:


Also thanks to the sponsors Club International de Férias, Serviçio Nacional de Parques, Reservas e Conservação da Natureza, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Região de Turismo de Setúbal.

Troia, opposite Setúbal, is commonly known for its tourist resorts. The Sado estuary is famous for its resident population of T.truncatus. The attendees were able to spot quite a few of them from the boats that were provided for this purpose by the organisors. The ECS conference developed here to have a special feel like coming home: many familiar faces and much news on research.

"We feel that this society is going to be a success." (J.W. Broekema)