Video Night at the La Spezia ECS-conference on 9 April 2018

We welcome all submissions of videos relevant to the field of marine mammal science. While videos that contain scientific material or have a conservation focus are preferred, we welcome also submissions of videos that show the regular work in the field of marine mammalogy. The video night is a highlight during each conference ranging from highly entertaining film material and research work to clips that raise public awarness on pressing matters in conservation.

Video submission deadline is 23 February 2018.

Video submission is now open for video-night at the 2018 ECS Annual Conference in Italy.

Submitted videos will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.

Submitted videos should comply with the following criteria:

  • Have a relevant subject with appeal to society members (scientific or conservation-related);
  • All material, filming and research shown should comply with ECS ethical standards and legislation in the country of origin regarding research and display of research;
  • Video length is not to exceed 20 minutes;
  • Videos should be of sufficient quality for the subject matter to be seen easily; 
  • Any narration should be in English; or sub-titled in English;
  • Each video should contain a title slide with attributes stating; name of institute/person submitting, subject, video length, year taken, country of origin, any acknowledgements;
  • Each video must use a video format that is easy to view.  The following formats are preferred:  MPEG4, MOV and AVI.

The proposal is to be submitted by sending it through email to:

Please be aware, that all videos must be send at least two weeks before the conference to allow for adjustment for the presentation in La Spezia.

Video night will be conducted at Cinema Teatro 'IL NOUVO'

Via Cristoforo Colombo,99 

19121 La Spezia 

Please take note that the cinema will accomodate 220 participants. Please let us know if you want to participate under