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Most of us know how frustrating it is when there are no courses focused on marine mammals available at our university and often wonder how and where we could attend one to learn more about these animals that so interest us. This is indeed one of the most frequent questions received in e-mails to the student representative. It’s not possible to put together an exhaustive list of internships, courses or seminars, indeed some are one-year only events! Nevertheless, there are some rather important ones that are organised on a (almost) yearly basis and have been attended by many student members throughout the years. Some of these are listed below with some practical information. The idea with this page is not only to provide a list of courses (and if you know of any other regular courses please e-mail me and let me know!), but we’d also like to encourage feedback from students who have participated in them. This is highly useful information for students who are considering attending one course or another. YOU NEED EACH OTHER! Write to me and tell me about it! Your fellow students will be very grateful!

***SEICHE courses starting June 2017***

Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) course, Protect marine mammals from being injured or disturbed by offshore construction projects or seismic surveys by training to become a qualified MMO. This two-day JNCC-accredited course combines theory and practice to give you a comprehensive introduction to life as an MMO and a professional qualification that certifies you to work in UK Continental Shelf waters. We are taking bookings for our course - June, in Devon We’re taking bookings now for our Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Level 1 professional qualification course, 7-9th June in Devon, 14-16 June, Monterey Bay, USA. On this course, you will learn about acoustic monitoring, local mitigation guidelines and get a thorough introduction into PAMGuard and a practical vessel-based Training session.

Book here: Protected Species Observer (PSO) course 12-13th June, in Monterey Bay, USA, where you will be trained in protected species monitoring and mitigation procedures. PSOs may be placed on vessels or platforms to monitor for marine species and implement mitigation measures during geophysical and geological exploration operations. This BOEM and BSEE-approved two-day course combines theory and practice to give you a professional qualification and a thorough grounding in all aspects of the PSO role. Book now Combine lectures with hands-on learning to explore the ocean environment and get to grips with the rules and measurement models used in Marine Acoustics.

Bookings for our next course in Seattle 20-22 June are now open:

Discover the Singing Whales of Ireland, Join the team on board a research vessel, learning tec