Talks and posters

Guidelines for talks

The format of the long talk and poster presentations will follow previous ECS conferences. Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in total (around 10-12 minutes presentation followed by 3-5 minutes for questions).


Guidelines for posters

Size: Please keep a maximum poster size (A0 format) – 841mm (width) x 1189mm (height).

Poster must include a photo of the PRESENTING author (with surname) at the top left corner and a poster number which will be informed by the Scientific Committee at the top right corner.

Attachment: Posters must be hung using double-sided tape that will be made available from the conference organizers from Sunday registration onwards.

Putting up and taking down posters: Posters can be hung on Sunday while the registration desk is open and on Monday morning. Posters must be taken down after the lunch break on Wednesday 10 April.

Poster sessions will be scheduled on Monday 8 April and Tuesday 9 April. Please make sure you stand close to your poster during these sessions so that participants can discuss your work with you…

A few thoughts: Given the large number of posters, it is important that you pay attention to ensuring that your message comes across clearly. In particular, give prominence to:

(1) The title (We would suggest lettering not less than 96pt)

(2) The conclusions (We would suggest lettering not less than 72 point).

(3) A picture of yourself (so that people can recognize you!)

No lettering should really be less than 30pt if you want people to read it!

Whilst one of the advantages of a poster is that it allows you to include considerably more data and more complex tables than in an oral presentation, remember not to over do it – in particular, graphs and figures are more effective ways of conveying information than either tables or large chunks of text. Photographs are an excellent way of drawing attention to your poster but don’t let your artistic tendencies get carried away at the expense of your scientific message.

Avoid use of copyrighted images unless you are the copyright holder or have permission to use them.

A4 prints to be taken by participants: it is useful to bring a number of colour or black and white prints in the A4 format to be displayed close to your poster, for participants to take it back home. Make sure you have enough copies for the duration of the conference.