Short talks

A Short Talk will be of a maximum of 5 minute duration. This format is not considered less important than a long talk but will suit those ideas or hypothesis that do not require a long talk time allocation but are better communicated orally than through a poster. We encourage people with new ideas and hypothesis, innovative methodology, maybe unexpected or inexplicable experiences in the field that they want to share. Progress report can also be considered for short talks.

The Short Talk can be presented with visual aids and slides (maximum 10 slides in general) but must not exceed the allocated 5 minutes. The presenter will be notified when one minute is left. No questions or discussions are permitted after the presenters talk but presenters are requested to stay in the main conference room for at least 10 minutes after the short talk session to receive comments and questions personally.

As this is a new style of presentation for the conference there may be some teething problems but if presenters can stick to the guidelines provided it should prove to be a successful style that will become a regular option at future conferences.

Some useful suggestions for a successful short talk:

  • Don’t try to put too many slides or too many items on slides.
  • Make sure the audience can understand your take-home message.
  • Don’t speak too fast,  just to fit your talk into 5 minutes.
  • The topic is very important here; don’t choose Short Talk just to make an oral presentation

Because of their peculiarities, short talks should not be fully referenced as scientific source.