The main venue will be in the Aquarium-Museum of the University of Liège. It is located in the city center near the Meuse river.

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The city

As the most important tourist city in Wallonia, Liège has innumerable riches in store waiting to be discovered. The characteristic districts, the river Meuse, which transects from South to North, the abrupt and wooded hills surrounding it as well as its marked relief, providing a multitude of original perspectives give the city an exceptional charm.

A very current folklore kept alive by a positive-minded population, always ready for a feast, lively districts and a large number of restaurants all combine to make this an essential part of any trip to Belgium, not to mention its vigorous cultural and artistic life and a considerable architectural heritage. More about Liege

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The surrounding area also offers a vast array of options for walking and tourist visits. The tourism office (information in French, English, Deutch and German) is located near the historic heart of the city.


Practical informations for travel (air, train, car), accomodations (hotels, restaurants,...),... are avaialble at the "travels & accomodations" page

What to do before and after the ECS Liege conference

Every Sunday morning, there is the "Batte Market" Le marché de la Batte. It is the biggest open market in Belgium, located along the Meuse river On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6, there is the "Beers city" La Cité de la bière, first exhibition dedicated to local breweries with possibility of beer(s) degustation.

Learning aquatic sciences at the University of Liege

There are different Masters concerning aquatic sciences. Marine mammal sciences are presented in The Master in Oceanography (unique in French-speaking Belgium) with a lecture (in French) entitled "Biologie des mammifères marins" composed of two parts. Part 1: écologie et écotoxicologie by K. Das and part 2: "pathologie et autopsies" by T. Jauniaux . There is a similar lecture in English for the Erasmus Mundus MER programme (Threats to marine mammals Part 1: ecology and ecotoxicology by K. Das and part 2: "Pathology and necropsies" by T. Jauniaux). The "pathology and necropsies" part is also recognized as isolated course if you are the holder of a C.E.S.S. (equivalent of a secondary/high school diploma) and have the written agreement of your teacher Every year, an marine mammal necropsy is organized at the Veterinary Faculty of the University (contact: T. Jauniaux). Finally, there is the Advanced Master in Aquaculture. All lectures are recognized as isolated course if you are the holder of a C.E.S.S. (equivalent of a secondary/high school diploma) and have the written agreement of your teacher Registration requirements and Information: contact : Service for the Promotion and Information on the Studies

Research in aquatic sciences at the University of Liege

Dedicated researches in marine mammal sciences exist at the University of Liege in ecotoxicology and marine ecology ( K. Das) and in veterinary medicine and pathology (T. Jauniaux). There is also the Applied and Fundamental Fish Research Center (AFFISH-RC presentation)