Travel and Accommodation

Travel: air, train, car

It is very to reach Liege by air, train and car (don't forget that there are 2 main languages in Belgium : French and Dutch (also German for small part), then same city names are different: Anvers= Antwerpen, Bruxelles= Brussel (Brussels), Charleroi= Charleroi, Gand= Gent, Louvain= Leuven, Liege= Luik (Luttich in German), Mons= Bergen, Namur= Namen

Air: There are main 2 airports: Brussels National Airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport. There is also the Liege Airport but with limited destination. - Arriving at the Brussels National Airport: there is a train station downstair in the airport. There are automates to buy your ticket to Liege. You have to take a train to Liege-Guillemins (timetable) via a change at Leuven train station OR a change at Brussels North train station. You have to stop at the Liege-Guillemins train station.

- Arriving at the Brussels South Airport (low cost): there is a bus shuttle (line A; ligne A) to Charleroi train station, with frequent connexions. Then you have to take a train to Liege-Guillemins (timetable). At the airport, there are automates to by ticket for both bus shuttle and train.

- Arriving at the Liege Airport: there are bus and shuttle but not always available. The easier is by taxi.

Other airports near Liege are Lille, France (200 km), Paris, France (360 km), Luxembourg, Luxembourg (160 km), Maastricht, The Netherlands (30 km), Amsterdam (240 km), The Netherlands

Train: The main Liege train station is Liege-Guillemins. It is an international high-speed trains (Thalys) station included in the connexion between France, the Netherlands and Germany. From UK (London), there are the Eurostar trains to Brussels.

Car: Liege is located near highways (A25, E40, E25, E42, E313).

E42 from Paris, Lille, Charleroi

E40 from Brussels

E313 from Anvers, Rotterdam

A25 from Amsterdam, Maastricht

E40 from Cologne, Aachen

E25 from Luxembourg


Hotels: Different hotels are available in the city center (10 minutes walking of the conference venue, see map). In addition, the Georges Simenon Youth Hostel is only 5 minutes walking.

Restaurants: In the park of the Aquarium of Liege where the conference is organized, there is a old laboratory previously for students in Sciences, now transformed as a typical restaurant: Labo4. It would be possible to organize meeting-lunch or meeting-dinner at the Labo4 with special discount for ECS conference participant (to be requested in advance).
Other typical and traditional restaurants, sandwiches bar are located near the conference venue and in the city center. You have to taste the famous "Boulets a la liegeoise" (meatball with a syrup sauce), stone-cooked meats, mussels and frites, and other meals prepared with beers,.... Ask in advance if vegetarian food is available. Belgian specialities Belgium is also known for famous chocolates, beers (more than 600 regional beers).

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