Support and Visas



Visa information

If you have any queries regarding whether or not your require a visa in order to travel to Madeira (Portugal) for the conference, please click HERE

Should you require a letter of invitation for VISA purposes, please fill in the form supplied HERE and send it to


Information on the conference student grant 

Student Grant Application Deadline: 24th October 2015

Who’s supported?

The ECS offers limited financial support to students who are the first author of a talk or poster that has been accepted. The precise amount granted will depend upon the number of students subsidised and the amount of money available.  Limited funds are available to provide grants towards travel or subsistence costs for students. If you are earning a salary you are not eligible. The grants are intended for cases of real hardship. Please think carefully before applying for a grant.

How to apply?

Students who wish to apply for support can do that on the condition of submitting their abstract, filling in the Student Grant Form and sending it to the Conference Organizers at, with a copy to the treasurer at, by not later than 24th October 2015.

 How is the support given?

Those who are selected for a student grant will receive it onsite at the conference registration desk during the main conference upon presentation of their contribution.

Special support to contributors

Conference Support Application

Support Application Deadline:  24th October 2015

Who’s supported?

The ECS tries to encourage participants from countries where funding for such conferences is extremely limited.  These include developing countries, from Southern Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Black Sea and the Northwest African states including Cape Verde Islands. The level of support will depend on funds available.

How to apply?

Those persons wishing to apply for support should fill in Support Request Form and send it to as soon as possible and the latest by the 24th October 2015.

This form is also for those who need an official invitation to apply for a Visa to enter Madeira (Portugal) as indicated above.

How is the support given?

A decision will be made shortly before the early registration deadline due on the 15th of January 2015.  Those selected will be informed by then.