Mandy McMath Conservation Award


The award is for an outstanding contribution to the field of marine mammal conservation and/or welfare, with particular emphasis on contributions to environmental education and/or to conservation in practice. 

Past recipients of the award include the late Prof. Krzysztof Skóra (2011), Dr Peter Evans (2012), Erich Hoyt (2013), Nick Tregenza (2014), Dr Giuseppe Notobartarlo di Sciara (2015) and Professor Hal Whitehead (2016). 

The award will be judged on the basis of a proposal made using the format given below and related material as described. It will be decided upon by consensus, or a majority vote of the ECS Conservation Award Committee. The winner of the award will be announced during the ECS Conference. Self-nominations are discouraged. The Committee reserves the right not to present the award if no appropriate nominations are received.

The ECS Award Committee comprises: the past winners advised by members of the ECS Council (Mario Acquarone, Council Chair, and Mark Simmonds, Award Secretary) and and co-opted ECS members (Aviad Scheinin, Hanna Nuuttila, Ayaka Öztürk and Andrew Wright.) 


  • Name(s) of person(s)/institution/body nominated for award Address and contact details
  • Description of the work/body of work proposed for the award (maximum length of proposal 250 words) NB The award can be given for a single conservation-education tool (such as a book or for an entire body of work - i.e. a series of linked contributions) in the sphere of education relating to marine mammal conservation and or welfare.
  • Full references for the material identified above and any relevant web-links.
  • Name of nominator(s) Address and contact details This form, and any supporting material if deemed necessary, should be sent to the Secretary of the Award Committee by the date announced each year. THE CLOSING DATE FOR 2017 IS APRIL 19TH.